Global Creative Lead

I built a communication design team that created high impact, scalable marketing solutions.

I led 15 creatives, producers and developers that helped refresh the brand and produced 206 Vines, 5 films, 2 events, 4 applications, 12 data stories, 1 photo shoot, 1 tweetable object and 1 patent.

Style Guide

Product Launch Films

Small Business Photo Shoot

Data Stories

Global Sales Conference


Design a brand mark, 30' interactive wall and opening event.

The first assignment was to visualize the wireless network.

Next, I designed a 30' gesture wall for the Destination Store, representing the shared passions of Verizon's customers.

We opened the 1st Destination Store on 11/20/13 with four days of activations featuring Selena Gomez, Owl City, Train, Nina Garcia and Erin Andrews.

An interactive audio installation where the audience became the band.

This unique musical experience was the centerpiece of Kyocera’s activation at Virgin Mobile’s Free Fest, a full-day music festival featuring the Black Keys, Cut Copy, Patti Smith, etc attended by 50K+ people.

The Echo Temple included six monolithic speaker towers with motion tracking cameras encircling a central tower with subwoofers.

Participants standing in front of the monoliths were able to manipulate a different melodic instrument’s volume, pitch or unique audio effect by moving their body and waving fans branded with special tracking markers.

The central tower produced the core of the mix: drums, bass, drones and the main harmonic progressions, and had architectural bamboo that when tapped triggered percussive sounds.

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